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What can EverythingClicks do for my business?

How does it work?


This is your site

It looks nice but its not engaging users and more importantly its not helping your business as much as it should


Add the code

We give you a snippet of code, you add it anywhere on your site. That's it.
We'll even do it for you.

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Now this is your site!

Instantly, your site becomes a platform of engagment. Useful to both your customers and your business

What happens Next...?

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You engage visitors on your site...

This can be 'join our newsletter', 'enter to win', 'get a free drink' or anything else you think visitors want

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They Login with Facebook...

With Just a click they can claim your offer

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And Share...

Once connected, they can share, send and like , without ever leaving your site

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They get an email...

Whether simply a confirmation or a redeemable coupon , they'll get a custom email from you

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You get useful information..

We'll show you the top influencers and trends that can drive your business

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To grow your business

Once you've identified your ideal customer, create custom offers just for them.

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